Buenos Aires, Argentina travel tips

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1 Puerto Madero is the safest ares in the city and the first choice for hotel bookings especially since the best restaurants are also there.
2 Whether it is local, Italian or Spanish cuisine you seek, to know who has the best ratings, get a Guía Óleo. It is a local restaurant guide.
3 Check with agents or just check the listings yourself for an upscale apartment that is usually half the cost of an upscale hotel and bigger too.
4 You can catch a rock concert almost anytime of year in Buenos Aires.
5 Puerto Madero is pretty safe to visit a bar or cafe day or night.
6 For great meals in a fancy surrounding, visit Buenos_Aires/Palermo.
7 Argentina is the beef capital and you can get it done anyway you like almost anywhere.
8 The markets and fairs are great in the summer especially on Saturday and Sunday.
9 Santa Fe Avenue is nice for walking and buying clothes and books. Great atmosphere.
10 The best shopping experience is on Florida Street and Lavalle Street where you can also experience street performances. They are both pedestrian only traffic.

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