Brisbane, Australia travel tips

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1 Australia has a rich, but dangerous wildlife. Always be prepared!
2 You cannot have mobility without a car in Australia. Try renting, and look for the best prices online.
3 Australia has a few international airports, and the closest to Brisbane is the Brisbane Airport.
4 Try catching a college football or an Australian football game - yes, there is a difference! The local team is called Brisbane Roar Football Club.
5 Limes Hotel may not be the cheapest hotel in Brisbane, but if you want professional service do not hesitate to book a room here.
6 Need a family hotel for the night? Try calling Soho Brisbane as they are quite friendly and usually have a room to spare.
7 Hotels in Australia can be relatively cheap, and Chill Backpackers is a great place to stay for a night or two.
8 XXXXX Brewery has fantastic tours. If you are interested in the history of this beer, must visit.
9 The Gallery of Modern Art has a wonderful collection of paintings, sculptures and video installations.
10 Visit the Alma Park Zoo if you are interested in learning about the wildlife of the continent!

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