Darwin, Australia travel tips

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1 Australia is on the southern hemisphere, meaning Christmas is in the summer. A bit confusing, but you will get used to it!
2 Straight roads for hours, an open continent and lots of fun. The recipe for a perfect roadtrip! Just rent a car in Darwin and off you go, have the adventure of your life!
3 Visiting the Australian continent obviously includes a flight. The closest airport to Darwin is Darwin International Airport.
4 Darwin Football Club is the city’s most prominent sporting team. If you feel like catching a game look online for ticket information.
5 One thing is for sure, Australians do know how to live. Sykcity may not be cheap, but it is a great hotel!
6 Make a reservation at Accommodation of Eden is you are in need of a place to stay. Try calling or online.
7 Ashton Lodge is a great way to lay your head for a night. Cheap, but decent service.
8 The Darwin Festival showcases a feast of local, national and international performances. Must see!
9 Feel like going outdoors? Visit the Bicentennial Park. It is a lovely park along The Esplanade overlooks Darwin Harbor.
10 Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory is great rain day program!

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