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1 Every red sign with a smiley face indicates that pie is available there. Please note, the pies are made with meat, not fruit.
2 Do not toss your coins, especially the gold ones as they are worth one or two dollars.
3 The heat can be pretty intense so protect your skin, face and wear a hat when outdoors.
4 Removing your shoes is not necessary when going through airport security in Melbourne.
5 Contrary to popular belief, kangaroos do not roam the streets everywhere you go in Melbourne.
6 Note that cars drive on the left side of the road if you plan to rent a motor vehicle. .
7 Don't forget a trip to Werribee Open Range Zoo for a wildlife safari and see rhinos, cheetahs, giraffes, zebras and monkeys roaming freely.
8 A walk around the Royal Botanic Gardens is a must for couples and is very romantic.
9 Melbourne is a cycle friendly city so rent one and ride between hidden bars and cafes and enjoy the city at your own pace.
10 Day or night, water sport activities are a must in Melbourne from para-sailing to kayaking under the moonlight on the river that runs through the city.

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