Sydney, Australia travel tips

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1 The airport in Sydney actually closes between 11 pm and 5:30 am daily.
2 Bring mostly very light casual clothes as the summer days sometimes reach up to 104 degrees.
3 Summer in Sydney is from December to February, which makes it the best time for outdoor activities there.
4 If you are on a stiff budget, take the local bus from the airport as it is a fifth of the cost for other modes of transportation.
5 Outdoor activities are year-round in Sydney as even during the winter period June to August, the daytime temperature does not fall below 14 degrees Celsius.
6 The weather is unpredictable and can suddenly move from searing wind to thunderstorm and suddenly cool down. The storms usually pass as fast as they came.
7 Taxis are very expensive, plan on not using them. Buses/ferry generally ok.
8 Traveling through Sydney is made easy with the choices of ferries, buses, trains, light rail and a monorail.
9 Sydney is one of the most expensive cities in the world so get your budget in order.
10 Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is fun but tiresome. Plan to spend 3-4 hours on that tour.

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