Sao Paulo, Brazil travel tips

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1 Everywhere has an internet cafe.
2 Clubbing can be pretty expensive especially if you plan to go to a posh club. There are many options and the nightlife is usually great!
3 If you plan to hang at a bar all night then choose either Vila Madalena or Itaim.
4 Remember to leave a 10 percent tip if it is not included in your bill. This usually goes towards your servers pay.
5 If you prefer upscale shopping, head to Shopping Cidade Jardim, which is the most elite shopping mall in the city.
6 Rua 25 de Março is usually crowded but is one of the best commercial streets and offers great bargains.
7 If you like challenging circuits then you cannot miss the Brazilian Grand Prix in Sao Paulo.
8 Virada Cultural is a 24 hour non stop free party which happens around April or May. The trains run accordingly to get people in and out.
9 There are 90 thousand events per year in the city so there is no way that you'll run out of activities to be involved in.
10 TurisMetrô is a free tour which incorporates walking and taking the metro. you only have to pay the metro fare.

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