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1 Even if you don't plan to ski, take the lift to the ski tracks just to get a view of the lovely mountain range.
2 It is easy to walk around this town. If you prefer to take a taxi, they are cheap but arrange the price first.
3 Chalet Idice is the ideal spot for an affordable family getaway.
4 If you prefer a luxurious stay then book your room now at Premier Luxury Mountain Resort. It is a five star property.
5 Saint Ivan Rilski Hotel, Spa & Apartments offers you a spa, large swimming pool and easy access to everywhere in the town.
6 Moderato Restaurant is great for any occasion and offers both local and Mediterranean cuisine.
7 Mehana Chanove is a nice place to dine if you want to immerse yourself in the Bulgarian culture.
8 Don't worry about money running low close to the end of your vacation as most of the restaurants offer big discounts as a thank you for your patronage.
9 You have not been to Bansko if you haven't visited Matsurev han to enjoy the Bulgarian National Dish or some tasty local cuisine.
10 There are many souvenir shops to purchase authentic items. Be sure to grab some for friends and family.

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