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1 Toronto natives are friendly, but a bit reserved. So Americans, in particular, should be prepared and not be put off or interpret it as rudeness.
2 For shopping in Toronto, be sure to visit the "Mink Mile," otherwise known as Bloor Street West, the city's most upscale shopping destination.
3 The Toronto Aerospace Museum is an exciting educational, heritage and tourist attraction.
4 Jump on a sailing vessel and tour the inner and outer harbors of Toronto.
5 If a bus is signalling to go into your lane, you must stop and allow it to merge.
6 If a street car(which looks like a train) is heading towards you stops and has the doors open, you cannot drive pass.
7 The street patterns in Toronto makes it easy to maneuver your way around the city. Getting into the city from the highways can however prove chaotic.
8 Toronto;s summer is short and very hot between July and August. The afternoons are usually humid.Dress very light.
9 Indulge in all the free music, film, and community events staged at Yonge dundas Square in Toronto.
10 The Toronto City Hall which is the most identifiable landmark in the city houses the Toronto Municipal Government and is definitely worth visiting.

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