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1 The language barrier is higher than pretty much any other nation. It's common to come across people who can't read any Roman characters.
2 If you have a smartphone get an Air Pollution Index App and wear a mask on smoggy days
3 When crossing the street, cross when locals do, the traffic can be crazy, which makes street crossing intimidating at first.
4 Weed is chill to smoke in China. None of the street level cops know what it smells like or give half a shit. You can smoke pretty much anywhere in public in Beijing and people don't really know any better. Obviously don't go around smoking a bong, but use your discretion.
5 Get a massage. It's a lot cheaper than the US, and it'll make you feel hella good.
6 "Da Zhong" is the best roast duck in Beijing. A well-kept secret.
7 You can't go wrong with the Ritz-Carlton Beijing.
8 For a great stay in Beijing, book a room at the Regent Beijing.
9 One of the best places to stay in the city is the Park Hyatt Beijing.
10 If you're into girls. Head to the Chaoyang district, specifically, around the Chaoyang theatre area. You'll see many "hair salons" with nobody but gorgeous looking girls sitting, smoking, and looking bored.

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