Dongguan, China travel tips

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1 Flying to Dongguan? Chances are that you will land at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, 82 kms from the city.
2 Public transportation in Dongguan is reliable and cheap.
3 Driving in China can be quite tricky, hire a driver instead.
4 Learning a few important Chinese symbols can be very useful.
5 Buy only fruits that can be pealed, and even than wash them.
6 Want to enjoy the full hospitality of a fine hotel? Try booking a room at Sofitel Royal Lagoon Hotel!
7 Oriental Glory Hotel is an ideal mid-range choice with some gorgeous rooms.
8 Most hotels are cheap in Dongguan and the same applies for Song Mei Hotel.
9 Non-verbal communication is quite different in China, it's best to watch a few videos on the topic.
10 Feeling exhausted? Visit the spa at Hyatt Regency and refresh!

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