Hangzhou, China travel tips

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1 The city is served by the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport.
2 Don't be afraid to take the bus in Hangzhou, the service is quite cheap and reliable.
3 Would like to rent a car? Tough luck. You need to have a Chinese driver's license!
4 Learn a few Chinese symbols like, exit, pull, push or toilet. Believe me, it can be a lifesaver!
5 Air quality can be quite low in Hangzhou, consult your doctor before you travel.
6 They do speak English in Friendship Hotel Hangzhou, so booking via a phone call can be done.
7 Hangzhou Overseas Chinese Hotel is a great mid-range hotel in Hangzhou. Book in advance!
8 Most hostels in China are quite cheap and Hangzhou Hofang International Youth Hostel is definitely on the budget range.
9 Traveling to Hangzhou? Read up on Chinese etiquette and you will save yourself considerable trouble!
10 Tired? Take a walk in the Zhongshan Park and clear your mind!

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