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1 Chinese food is one of the most famous across the world so why not get the authentic taste by going on a gourmet tour, and eat to your heart's delight?
2 You can experience some of the sights in China by horseback even if you are not a pro rider.
3 There are many places to visit therefore it's best to book a History and Heritage Tour which allows you to take in a lot in one day or over several days according to your choice.
4 Cruise along the world renown Yangtze River and enjoy all the beautiful scenery.
5 What's a visit to China without heading to the Great Wall? You can get this tour in a package deal.
6 When you book your rental car in advance, you won't face last minute fee hikes.
7 Get the specifications of a car before you book it, such as: the number of people it can accommodate and the amount of luggage it can hold.
8 Check with car rental agencies before heading to Rikaze as some do not rent to anyone younger than age 25. Others may charge an additional fee.
9 Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world is worth a partial climb to see the Everest Nature Reserve.
10 The Xiqin and Yatung springs among others are very scenic and definitely worth visiting to gaze across their glistening waters and for photo ops.

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