Shantou, China travel tips

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1 The  Jieyang Chaoshan Airport is the city's main airport.
2 Local transpiration is pretty decent in Shantou, and bus tickets are very cheap.
3 Car rental is very possible in China, but driving the roads of Shatou takes some courage!
4 The Chinese language is quite simple, in fact, learning a few expressions an be done in a few minutes!
5 Air can be quite polluted in Shantou, it's best you bring a mask just in case.
6 They do speak English in Shantou Junhua Haiyi Hotel, so booking via a phone call is definitely possible.
7 Yue Hai Hotel Shantou is a great mid-range hotel in CITY. Book in advance!
8 Most hotels in China are either cheap or not, and Vienna Hotel is definitely on the budget range.
9 A smile can mean quite a few things in China, even confusion!
10 There is a gorgeous Buddhist Pagoda in Chenhai, don't miss.

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