Shenzhen, China travel tips

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1 The Shenzen Bao'an International Airport is the city's number one travel hub.
2 Shenzen is a huge city, but luckily public transportation is great.
3 Car rental can be a risky endeavor, try taxis or hired drivers.
4 The Chinese writing system is immensely complicate and takes years to master. Still, learning a few characters can be fun!
5 Drinking the tap water is never a good idea in Shenzen.
6 Ascott Maillen is an amazing luxury hotel in Shenzen Definitely recommended!
7 Lee Garden Inn has some pretty decent rooms and the view is quite nice too.
8 Home Inn Dongmen may be cheap, but the rooms are clean and the service is reliable.
9 Non-verbal communication in China is different to the Western world! It's best to read up before you travel.
10 Shenzen has some of China's best beaches! Don't miss!

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