Tianjin, China travel tips

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1 Tianjin's main travel hub is the Tianjin Binhai International Airport.
2 Public transportation in Tianjin is reliable and clean.
3 You need a Chinese driver's license to drive in China! Taking a test, however, is quite easy.
4 Try learning a few Chinese symbols and you will understand the difficulty and beauty of the language!
5 Always buy bottled water in Tianjin!
6 Tianjin Grand View Hotel has clean rooms, great service, perfect for the whole family.
7 Looking for a mid-range hotel in Tianjin Try booking a room at Tianjin Crystal Palace Hotel.
8 California Riverside Hostel is cheap and clean, what more can you ask for?
9 A nod means the opposite in China.
10 Visit the Garden of Serenity, which is the former residence of Pu Yi, The Last Emperor of China.

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