Wuhan, China travel tips

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1 The city's main transportation hub is the Wuhan Tianhe International Airport.
2 Taking the bus is a good idea in Wuhan and the tickets are very cheap.
3 Hire a driver if you want to get anywhere by car, driving is not allowed with an international driver's license.
4 You will feel lost in the complexities of the Chinese writing system, but the language itself is pretty simple.
5 Never drink tap water in Wuhan, buy bottled instead.
6 Shangri-La Hotel is an amazing luxury hotel in Wuhan with massages and other services. Definitely recommended!
7 New World Wuhan Hotel has some pretty decent rooms and the view is quite nice too.
8 The Wuhan Pathfinder International Youth Hostel may be cheap, but the rooms are clean and the service is reliable.
9 The Chinese 'yes' is quite different to the typical western 'yes'.
10 The Dragon Boat Festival is held around June and it is a truly impressive sight.

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