Xi'an, China travel tips

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1 Book your flight to Xi'an Xianyang International Airport.
2 Public transportation is pretty decent in Xi'an, and with cheap ticket prices it is definitely recommended.
3 You need to get a local driver's license if you want to drive on the roads of China.
4 Learn a few Chinese symbols, knowing what a 'bank' looks like can be useful!
5 It's best if you buy bottled water at all times.
6 Sheraton Xi'an Hotel has clean rooms, great service, perfect for the whole family.
7 Looking for a mid-range hotel in Xi'an? Try booking a room at the local Ibis Hotel.
8 Bob's Guesthouse is cheap and clean, what more can you ask for?
9 Smiling can mean embarrassment, read up on Chinese non-verbal communication before your travels!
10 If in Xi'an, you should definitely visit the famous Army of Terracotta Warriors and Horses.

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