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1 Remember that Havana has a Chinatown, so if you have a craving for Chinese food during your stay, head to Chinatown--just look for the arch.
2 If you've ever dreamed of dining in a former place of torture, have a meal at Restaurant El Morro, which is located in a former fort.
3 For an interesting combination of flavors, try some of the Cuban-Vietnamese cuisine at the Restaurante Hanoi.
4 If you want to have mojitos where they were invented, head to La Bodeguita del Medio, which also happens to be the city's most famous restaurant.
5 One of the better state-run restaurants in Havana is La Zaragozana, which has undergone a relatively recent renovation.
6 For fresh food, be sure to check out the peasant market just off Agramonte.
7 Wander behind the Inglaterra, where you can find block after block of crumbling mansions.
8 One of the city's loveliest hotels is the Hotel Sevilla.
9 If you have an interest in history, be sure to see the Museo de la Revolucion, where you can see "Granma," the boat which brought Castro and Guevara from Mexico to Cuba in 1956.
10 Check out Havana's oldest cigar factory, Real Fabrica de Tabacos Partagas.

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