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1 If you REALLY want to see all of Tallinn, head to the top of the Tallinn TV Tower, one of the city's most popular attractions. The views of the city are better here than anywhere else.
2 Check out St. Olav's Church and Tower, which was once--in the 1500s--considered to be the tallest building in the world. Over the years, it's served as a lightning rod numerous times, and has been burned to the ground three times as a result.
3 It's not often that you find a pharmacy which has been continuously operated for several centuries. Tallinn's Town Hall pharmacy has been in operation since 1422, and legend has it marzipan was invented here to be used as a curative.
4 Stop in the city's Town Hall Square, the main hub of activity in Tallinn since the Medieval period. It's a regular venue for music and markets.
5 The main Russian Orthodox cathedral in Tallinn is St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Be sure to visit this onion-domed, architectural beauty.
6 For a great view, and a great meal, head to Kiek in de Kok, a massive canon tower whose name means a "peek into the kitchen." It's so tall that soldiers used to joke that they could see right down in the kitchens of Tallinn. Nowadays, you can go all the way to the top and have a meal at the cafe there.
7 You will probably fall in love with the many Medieval lanes in Tallinn's Old Town. But be sure to spend some time wandering along St. Catherine's Passage, where you'll find numerous artisans using time-honored techniques to make glassware, ceramics, quilts and many other goods.
8 Climb to the top of Toompea hill and check out Tallinn from the spacious viewing platform.
9 Art and architecture lovers should definitely visit the Kumu Art Museum. Built into the side of a cliff, the building itself is worth the trip.
10 For a trip back in time, visit the Kadriorg Palace, which Peter the Great built for his wife. You will be transported to a bygone era of royal excess. It is also home to the foreign art collection of the Museum of Estonia.

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