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1 Get used to using formal titles, such as Madame or Monsieur, far more often than is generally done in English.
2 You may be inclined to avoid the overly-touristy areas, but you MUST go to the viewing decks of the Eiffel Tower. The tower itself--as well the views it provides--are incredible. Be sure to visit at sundown, the best time to experience the tower, as it becomes illuminated by thousands of lights.
3 The 19th century Market/ bazaar Halle St-Pierre is definitely worth a visit.
4 The French feel good when you let them know you had a good time...Je me suis vraiment bien amuser.
5 Paris truly defines the word party as you can go out anytime day or night and have an amazing time.
6 If you are on a budget, prepare to eye shop until you drop with all the amazing window displays.
7 If you are going to use cash in Paris, keep smaller bills, as many shops won't accept large denominations.
8 Book lovers need to make a stop at Shakespeare & Co, the city's world-famous bookstore. It offers the city's largest selection of books in English, and is frequently a temporary home for writers.
9 To save some money in the city, shop for meals at open-air food markets. You can find breads, cheeses and pastries, and if you're renting an apartment--a great way to see the city--you can prepare your own authentically Parisian meals.
10 One of the best ways to see the city is by taking a cruise along the Seine. You'll see most of the major sights, and at a leisurely pace, without having to deal with the city's insane traffic.

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