Hanover, Germany travel tips

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1 The city is served by the Hannover/Langenhagen International Airport.
2 Hannover is connected to the lighting fast ICE train network.
3 Hannover is one of the biggest cities in Germany and Even Europe. Get a GPS so you don't get lost!
4 Be polite and always say thank you, or "Danke schön"!
5 Hannover 96 is the most known football team in the city. Try to get to one of their matches!
6 The Kastens Hotel Luisenhof is one of the best luxury hotel in Hannover, definitely recommended!
7 Booking a room at Radisson SAS Hotel, should not be a problem, try online!
8 Hotel Marjani is a small hotel with great prices and clean suites.
9 Being late is a very rude thing to do, try to avoid it!
10 Hannover has a pretty decent Christmas Market, make sure you pay a visit!

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