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1 Admission to most of Munich's museums is free on Sunday.
2 Plan ahead an budget wisely, as Munich is the most expensive city in Germany.
3 Munich's Hofbrauhauses are popular, but locals prefer beer gardens. The most authentic of these is the Augustiner.
4 If you're a backpacker or simply looking to save on accommodations, look at "Hostel Row" on Senefelderstrasse.
5 When looking for budget accommodations in Munich, look for places in the multicultural area south of the station. It's generally safe, although it feels a bit unsavory at night.
6 A great day trip from Munich is "Mad" King Ludwig's Castles---Neuschwanstein and Linderhof.
7 If you plan on visiting Dachau, allow yourself several hours to fully experience the place.
8 If you visit the Dachau Concentration camp, be sure to spend some time wandering through the town of Dachau as well, which is a lovely and pleasant place, very much at odds with the camp that bore its name.
9 If you have an interest in aviation, be sure to visit the Deutsches Museum, which includes a Flight Museum.
10 If you have an interest in art and/or history, be sure to visit Haus der Kunst, which was built by Hitler to display Nazi art. Now it's a gallery for modern art.

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