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1 Getting to Siófok is easy, just log onto for train tickets, or for coach information. Both sites have English versions. Siófok is also next to a motorway.
2 Try to visit Siófok in the summer, it is the under 30 party town of Lake Balaton!
3 The warm beaches of Lake Balaton offer a great way to relax. The city has several party beaches where the fun never stops.
4 “Premium Hotel Panoráma” may not be the cheapest hotel in Siófok, but if you want professional service do not hesitate to book a room here.
5 Need a family hotel for the night? Try calling Hotel Lido as they are quite friendly and usually have a room to spare.
6 Hungary is relatively cheap, and Touring Youth Hostel is a great place to stay for a night or two.
7 Siófok has some Roman era history to offer! The Canal Locks system was built almost eighteen centuries ago, and was extensively used for more than a thousand years!
8 The Imre Kálmán Museum is just north of the Weather Observatory and offers a unique display on the life of the famous opera singer, who was born in Siófok.
9 If you get tired of all night partying and want to wind down with some architecture, visit the Weather Observatory!
10 Clubbing is a big thing among younger Hungarians, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Siófok may not be a pumping metropolis in the winter, but in the summer Fl?rt is a great place to party away your night.

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