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1 Public transportation is relatively decent in Sopron. The local bus company runs several lines with decent frequency, and there is a reliable taxi service. Sopron can be reached by coach and train.
2 If you like wine, Sopron is your city! The October Grape Harvest is a big event in the city, offering wine tastings and traditional folk performances.
3 Sopron hosts the epic Volt Music Festival, which features numerous internationally renowned bands. Check the official site for ticket information.
4 Tourism in Sopron is fairly significant, so there are many choices for the well-off. Luxury hotels can be found just by asking around, or just look for Hotel Sopron.
5 If you are looking for a mid-range or family centered hotel, try looking up Palatinus Hotel. They have great service and fair prices.
6 If you are looking for a cheap place to stay try Panoráma Szálló. It has great prices and the service is excellent.
7 "Köszönöm" means "thank you"!
8 Visiting the Bakery Museum is a nice way to spend a lazy afternoon. The museum showcases many traditional baking techniques and equipment.
9 Sopron used to be a Roman settlement more than two millennia ago. If you like history, visit the countless ruins of that long forgotten age.
10 The Sopron Synagogue is an architectural masterpiece, make sure not to miss it.

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