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1 Szeged has great transportation as it is easily reachable by both train and coach service. As for local transportation - besides the usual option of taxis - there are several bus lines that connect to the city centre.
2 If you are interested in Hungarian theatre, Szeged is a great match for you! Every summer the Szeged Open-Air Festival is held with often unparalleled success.
3 In the last weeks of summer college students from all over the country flood the streets of Szeged to take part in the Szeged Youth Days (SZIN), a music festival held on the shores of the Tisza River.
4 If you want a real hotel for the night call Novotel Szeged. Professional service with great breakfast.
5 Szeged has countless hotels and Tisza Hotel is always a good last minute choice.
6 Finding budget accommodation in Szeged is not a challenge, as hotel and hostel prices are one of the lowest in the region. Try Budget Hostel if you need a place to stay.
7 If you are in Szeged you have probably already heard about its famous salami, the Pick Szalami. Visit the Pick museum and visitor center to learn the ways of traditional Hungarian salami making.
8 The Ferenc Móra museum honors the renowned writer and museologist. If you are interested in Hungarian traditional folk art don't miss this wonderful museum.
9 Dóm tér, or Dome square is the heart of Szeged. It is dominated by the massive cathedral at the end of the square, which is surrounded by the National Pantheon of statues.
10 Szeged may not be a metropolis, but as many Hungarians love dance clubs, you will find great places anywhere. Look for Tisza Dokk.

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