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1 Money exchange is best done at official exchange places or banks. Most tourist areas have plenty of options for both, visitors can even look around for the best offer. Be aware that banks are only open on weekdays.
2 Taxis in Zamárdi are relatively cheap, and while some cars may look shabby, drivers are friendly and reliable. You can also take the local bus service, tickets can be bought from the driver.
3 Zamárdi, just like most cities of Lake Balaton has some wonderful beaches, some free.
4 Zamárdi is best known for its all-out party festival called Balaton Sound. Visit the official site for ticket information.
5 Hotel Wellamarin is a four star hotel with all the benefits of such an establishment. Call or book online as they get full quite often.
6 If you are looking for a mid-range hotel just look up Hotel Familia, they offer great service for a bargain!
7 Looking for a place to sleep? You can find cheap rooms at Napsugár Hotel Zamárdi.
8 This little city on the shores of Lake Balaton may not have much to offer culture vise, but it is quite close to the party center of the South Beach, Siófok.
9 If you like hiking visit the K?hegy (Rock Mountain), it is a great lookout point with a great view on the lake.
10 Interested in history or architecture? Visit the "H?sök kápolnája", which is a neo-byzantine chapel dedicated to lost heroes of war.

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