Mahabaleshwar, India travel tips

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1 Anything made of leather is usually not allowed in Jain and Hindu temples.
2 If you visit the gurudwara, do not let your feet point to the Holy book.
3 Not everyone is comfortable with you taking their photograph so do ask instead of taking the risk of offending someone.
4 You can use credit cards just about anywhere and also to get a Rupee advance.
5 You are not limited as to how much money you can bring into the country but you are required to declare it.
6 Only use the bank or authorized Foreign Exchange Dealers to exchange currency or it will be considered an offence under the Foreign Exchange Regulations Act.
7 It is illegal to import or export the Rupee which is the Indian currency.
8 If you get to meet a Lama, please do not turn your back when leaving, it is disrespectful.
9 When in the presence of a Lama, remove your hat and if you are using an umbrella, lower it to show respect.
10 You cannot leave the country with artifacts more than a century old without obtaining a permit from the Archaeological Survey located all the way in Delhi.

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