Mumbai, India travel tips

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1 Look for a hotel in Kala Ghoda, as this neighborhood is a center of cultural activity, with numerous art galleries and boutiques.
2 A taxi, private car, or the BEST buses are the best ways to see the city.
3 If you don't mind them, wear Indian clothing. They're comfortable, and you'll stand out less as someone who is obviously foreign.
4 As with any destination, avoid deserted areas, especially at night.
5 Sad to say, but women traveling on their own in India should be careful of how they interact with men, especially men who appear to be homeless or vagrants.
6 Cell phones are essential in India. You can buy a cheap one once you get there, or buy a SIM card to use in your own.
7 Women should dress modestly and refrain from wearing anything to tight or revealing.
8 If you're a woman traveling alone, always let someone know where you're going and if leaving a bar or restaurant alone, have someone walk with you to your car or taxi.
9 A rule of thumb for bargaining is to offer one-tenth of the price, and then maybe settle for two-tenths.
10 There is a phone app called Sit or Squad that can help you find toilets in India.

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