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1 For a lovely stay, book your vacation a the Leela Palace New Delhi.
2 Do not sit or lean on or against temple walls or shrines, even if they are in ruins.
3 Avoid touching another person with your feet, even inadvertently, especially when sitting Indian-style on the floor.
4 There are certain parts of India known as "Restricted Areas" which require special permits.
5 As difficult as it may be, try to ignore beggars. There are many of them throughout India, and if you give to one, you will likely quickly become surrounded. That situation can become a easy way to be targeted by a pickpocket, so be careful.
6 Eating with your hands is commonplace in India, but avoid using your left hand, which is considered unclean.
7 Smoking is prohibited in all public places in India.
8 There are no hard and fast rules regarding tipping. In restaurants, check your bill before leaving a tip, as it may be included. If it's not, ten percent of the bill is usually sufficient.
9 If visiting a temple, mosque, shrine, or other religious site, you should always ask permission before taking photographs.
10 Most Indians dress conservatively, although younger people--especially in the cities---are likely to dress in more typical Western styles. It's best for visitors to dress modestly, as exposed shoulders and legs may invite unwanted attention.

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