Patna, India travel tips

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1 Patna's Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport welcomes domestic flights. You will need a connection from Delhi for international flights.
2 Trains connect Patna with all major cities in India. Buses serve mostly local destinations and inner city transport.
3 Renting a car is not a problem in Patna. Driving in the traffic jam is another question.
4 Unless you speak Hindi, the best way to go is English.
5 Cricket is the most popular game, but kabaddi, Indian wrestling sport, is also present.
6 As a landmark of Patna, Hotel Maurya offers luxurious suites.
7 Hotel Republic offers clean and comfortable rooms for travellers.
8 Looking for a place to stay with all the basic needs? The Nash Inn is your choice.
9 Smile when smiled upon, but don't display affection in public.
10 Care for Indian cinema? The Patna Film Festival in February will show you the best of Indian films every year.

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