Messina, Italy travel tips

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1 Whether you are firm believer or an atheist, visiting the Cathedral of Messina is a must, only for its beauty.
2 December 25th is Christmas is Italy, and it is of course a public holiday.
3 If you are a proper petrolhead, going on a road trip is in Italy is a must. Pack your favorite tunes, rent a car in Messina and enjoy life!
4 Flights to Italy are cheap, and the closest airport to Messina is the Catanaia-Fontanarossa Airport.
5 Taxis in Messina are relatively cheap, and while some drivers may drive a bit crazy, they are friendly and reliable. They don't always speak English, so writing your destination on a piece of paper can help!
6 How about a museum tour? The Galleria d'Arte Contemporanea di Messina has some notable paintings by Caravaggio.
7 Sports are big in Italy and the football matches of local team A.C.R. Messina are always entertaining!
8 Messina has quite a few luxury hotels, but Hotel Dello Stretto is easily one of best. Professional service, up to international standards.
9 Tourism in Messina is quite significant, so finding a three-star hotel last minute can be tricky. Try Hotel La Residenza, the service is friendly and the food is great!
10 If you have no real needs ask around for Hotel Mirage, they have some cheap rooms.

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