Turin, Italy travel tips

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1 Religion plays an important role in the heart of Italians. Visit the Turin Cathedral to get a better understanding.
2 January 6th is a public holiday in Italy, epiphany is celebrated.
3 The real dolce vita begins once you rent a car and explore the country on your own!
4 Traveling to Turin by plane? The closest airport is the Caselle Airport.
5 Turin has a great infrastructure as it is easily reachable by both train and coach service. As for local transportation - besides the usual option of reliable taxi service - there are several bus lines that connect to the city centre.
6 The Egyptian Museum of Turin is home to one of the biggest collections of ancient artifacts.
7 Almost everybody loves football in Italy, so if you have time check out the Juventus.
8 Starhotels Majestic may not be the cheapest hotel in Turin, but if you want professional service do not hesitate to book a room here. Four stars, lavish rooms!
9 Need a family hotel for the night? Try calling Hotel Nizza as they are quite friendly and usually have a room to spare.
10 Most of the time cheap hotels are cheap for a reason. Still, Hotel San Carlo is a great place to stay for a night or two.

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