Kingston Parish, Jamaica travel tips

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1 Get some of the best ice cream in the world at Devon House.
2 It is not recommended that you go to the Crossroads area of Kingston which can be dangerous for tourists.
3 Emancipation Park in Kingston is well maintained park in Kingston. Beautiful to relax, picnic or stroll.
4 There is a great bus service in Kingston. Not sure where you are going, ask the driver for help.
5 Note that, they drive on the left in Jamaica.
6 Four Season's Hotel is a great Bed and Breakfast choice in Kingston. Very clean.
7 Pegasus hotel is usually the choice for elite and business travelers.
8 For great food, wedding or just to have a great stay, then Terra Nova is the choice.
9 The Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston is one of the best choices. price range is US$184 to US$235 per night.
10 Fort Neugent has some great landmarks and is worth a visit.

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