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1 Japanese is a difficult language to learn, even more so to master. Still, give it a try!
2 Kunchi Matsuri, held in October, is an energetic cultural festival featuring Chinese styled dragons, costumes and fireworks.
3 Tourism in Nagasaki is fairly significant, especially local tourism. Japanese tend to have a taste for luxury, so there are many choices for the well-off. Hotels can be found just by asking around, or just look for Hotel New Nagasaki.
4 If you are looking for real family oriented hotel, try looking up Dormy Inn Nagasaki. They have great service and fair prices.
5 If you are looking for a cheap place to stay try Nagasaki Kagamiya. It has great prices and the service is excellent, and you will never find a better deal!
6 If you ever feel confused or lost you can always try to ask around for directions, but be warned that Japanese people do not speak English - at all!
7 Public transportation is great in Nagasaki, Japan The local bus company runs several lines with high frequency, and the taxi service is always reliable. Nagasaki can be reached by coach and train.
8 The closest international airport is the Haneda Airport.
9 The Nagasaki National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims is a powerful experience. It's just next to the atomic bomb museum, and it is something no visitor should miss.
10 Visit the Nagasaki Museum of History & Culture if you are interested in the Edo-period.

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