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1 Japanese love when you try to speak their language, so even learning a few phrases can save the day!
2 Need some relaxing time? F?-no-yu is the perfect place to forget the crazy rush that is Japan!
3 Mercura Nagoya Cypress is a four star hotel with all the benefits of such an establishment. Call or book online as they get full quite often.
4 If you are looking for a mid-range hotel just look up The B Nagoya, they offer great service for a bargain!
5 Looking for a place to sleep? You can find cheap rooms at Ryokan Meiryu. Call or book online.
6 A Japanese phrasebook can save lives as most locals do not speak English.
7 Taxis in Nagoya are relatively cheap, and while some drivers may drive a bit crazy, they are friendly and polite They don't always speak English, so writing your destination on a piece of paper in Japanese helps!
8 Flights to Japan may not be cheap, but the closest airport to Nagoya is the Chubu Centrair International Airport.
9 The JR SCMAGLEC & Railway Park is a must for every train enthusiast.
10 The Noritake Garden was once a factory, but now serves the public as a garden. Must visit if in need of some serenity.

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