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1 Mastering the Japanese language can sound like a daunting task at first, but learning a few expressions is not that difficult!
2 The Jozenji Street Jazz Festival is a very popular music festival in the country. Be prepared, book your hotel way in advance!
3 Plenty of lavish accommodations can be found in Sendai, just look up Sendai Kokusai Hotel. Professional service, up to international standards, not to mention that they speak great English.
4 Tourism in Sendai is quite big, so finding a welcoming place to stay is in fact quite easy, even for the lost westerner. Try Hotel Pearl City Sendai, the service is friendly and the prices are quite alright.
5 If you have no real needs ask around for Miyagi Guest House, they have some cheap rooms.
6 Things do get lost in translation as Japanese speak very poor English. Bring your phrasebook!
7 Public transportation in Japan is very reliable, and the same applies to Sendai.
8 Flying to Sendai? Try Sendai Airport as it is the closest airport.
9 The Sendai City Museum showcases a unique display of the life of Masamuna, Japan's greatest swordsmith!
10 The Sendai Castle Ruins are a fun, history filled program for the whole family. Must visit!

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