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1 Not only is tipping not expected, but it won't be accepted.
2 You'll find that the smaller and more closed-in a restaurant or bar is, the more likely it is to allow smoking.
3 You'll find that as crowded as Tokyo is, the crowds are generally orderly. Follow the unspoken rule to walk on the left side of wide sidewalks.
4 Tokyo is disorienting, but safe. In fact, Japan is one of the safest countries in the world.
5 Japan can become oppressively hot in the summer months. The best times to visit Tokyo--and the rest of the country--are in the spring and the fall.
6 To save money in Tokyo, shop in supermarkets after 9pm, when you can get many items at a discount.
7 For great, affordable shopping in Japan, check out Nitori. It's similar to Ikea.
8 If you want to shop for clothing that is not outrageously expensive, head to Uniqlou.
9 Muji is the Japanese equivalent of Ikea. It's a great place to shop for things at reasonable prices.
10 Try to avoid the cabs, if possible. They can add up quickly.

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