Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia travel tips

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1 If a local approaches you and offers to show you the sights, be wary. The chances are good that you'll be duped into paying a fee or worse. Only book tours through reputable agencies.
2 Beware of counterfeit notes given as change by some unscrupulous taxi drivers. Look for the silver line in the notes.
3 Getting drunk in public is unacceptable in Kuala Lumpur.
4 You must be properly attired to enter mosques and temples.
5 Burger King and McDonald's are two restaurants that offer free wireless service.
6 Most cafes offer free wifi and cafes are in abundance at shopping malls.
7 Communication in English is much better there than many Asian cities.
8 Purchase taxi coupons when you arrive at the airport to avoid unscrupulous persons posing as taxi operators to charge a higher fare.
9 Lovers of art and architecture should not miss the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (IAMM). The building itself is something to behold, and it houses an impressive collection of contemporary Islamic art.
10 Hygiene might be a concern on the streets therefore it's best to buy food at the malls.

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