Baguio, Philippines travel tips

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1 Go and get the butterfly experience at Butterfly Farm - Camp John Hay.
2 Experience the rustic setting at Diplomat Hotel, a Boguia landmark.
3 To get everything you need along one street, drive down to Session Road.
4 If you just want a standard but clean hotel with good food then El Cielito Hotel Baguio is your best bet.
5 The best place to stay is Le Monet Hotel . Everything there is excellent!
6 Leave early in the morning and go get a refreshing dip at the Colorado Falls.
7 Kaliwaga Cave is a worthwhile learning experience.
8 A walk at Historical Core - Camp John Hay, is one you'll remember for life.
9 Believe me, the Cemetery of Negativism is a fulfilling and interesting experience.
10 Wood wood everywhere. You are sure to leave Ifugao Woodcarvers' Village with a souvenir.

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