Tagaytay, Philippines travel tips

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1 Do not pay for your Taal Volcano guide at the ticket office. Pay them yourself to ensure they get the money.
2 This is a pretty safe town but do look out for the pickpockets or simply leave your most important items in a vault.
3 It may sound scary but a boat ride on the lake to the Taal Volcano is a pretty exciting trip!
4 Approximately ten pesos, give or take, will get you anywhere around town on a Jeepney which is a common mode of transportation there.
5 If you get married here, then consider staying at a more upscale hotel like Taal Vista Hotel, Very clean.
6 This is one of the most beautiful places to get married.
7 The incomplete Palace In The Sky, which was being built for a King years ago provides a good vantage point to view the Taal Volcano.
8 Even though it was built back in the late 1800s, the Punta de Santiago Lighthouse is still operating. It is worth visiting.
9 If you want to grab a ride on the motorcycles with the side carriages (tricycles), it's best to travel with a group as it will be way cheaper.
10 The scenery here is absolutely breathtaking!

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