Warsaw, Poland travel tips

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1 Have a meal at the charming restaurant Adler.
2 For a delicious meal--and the chance to rub shoulders with royalty---make reservations at U Fukiera.
3 For an elegant stay in a futuristic location, book a room at the InterContinental.
4 If you need budget accommodations, the city's best-loved hostel is Nathan's Villa Hostel.
5 Spend some quite time in Lazienki Park.
6 It's quite moving, so don't miss viewing the Monument to Those Fallen and Murdered in the East, a railway car filled with a pile of crosses represented Poles who died in Soviet prison camps.
7 If you have an interest in architecture, be sure to visit St. Anna's Church.
8 One of the most beautiful sights in the city, especially in spring, is the Wilanow Palace Museum garden. Guided tours are available or you can stroll the grounds on your own.
9 For great accommodations in a convenient location, try Hotel Bristol, located on the Royal Route.
10 The best time to visit Warsaw is arguably the fall, known as "golden autumn." The city has abundant parks and trees, and in the fall, Warsaw comes alive in every shade of red, orange, and yellow.

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