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1 Visit one of the city's most iconic structures, the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, a monastery built in the 1500s. It's also where Vasco da Gama is buried.
2 If you plan on renting a car for your time in Lisbon, avoid the Europcar desk at the airport. It's notoriously slow and generally has very long lines, so opt for another firm.
3 If you feel the need to escape the city, take a roughly half hour drive from Lisbon to the nearby beaches of Grande, Adraga, and Guincho.
4 Be sure to try one of the city's famous egg tarts, known as pasteis de nata.
5 One of the most charming accommodations in the city is Casa de Sao Mamede, an 18th century villa, with lovely period furnishings, and a red carpet along the stone staircase.
6 Portuguese bullfighting is different than Spanish bullfighting. If you want to experience the Portuguese variety, Lisbon has a fantastic arena at Campo Pequeno.
7 Theater-lovers should not miss attending a performance at Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II.
8 In Lisbon, you can buy or commission ceramic tiles and panels, and styles will typically range from elegant to quite simple.
9 Remember that non-EU visitors are entitled to a refund on the Value Added Tax (ICA). Keep all receipts and present the forms at customs when departing Portugal.
10 Dress in Lisbon is generally casual, but when visiting religious sites, keep in mind that arms and knees should be covered.

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