San Juan, Puerto Rico travel tips

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1 Flavors of San Juan Food and Culture Tours allow you to sample tasty cuisine from some of the best places away from the tourist areas.
2 Museo de arte is a high end art gallery and is the most significant in the country.
3 To avoid being mugged, do not walk alone on the streets at night.
4 Avoid the beaches at night as the crime rate is very high.
5 Be cautious when riding your bicycle as the streets are often crowded and some are not paved.
6 For a luxurious stay and a view of the Atlantic, your number one choice The Gallery Inn. It has a museum and art gallery as well.
7 For an affordable stay book a stay at Alasol hotel.
8 For live music and good food visit Parrot Club is ideal. Sunday brunches are great there too.
9 Al Dente is the oldest restaurant and still one of the best in Puerto Rico.
10 If you want to go jogging or get involved in a sporting activity, central Park is the perfect spot.

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