Cape Town, South Africa travel tips

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1 If you are there in late March, check out the Cape Town Jazz Festival.
2 You've never truly seen or experienced Kite surfing until you get the Kite Surfing in Cape Cod experience.
3 Catcha few African films at Labia Screen. They show only African movies throughout the year.
4 The Marine Museum, shops restaurants and a full day of other experiences await you at Victoria and Alfred Waterfront.
5 If you find yourself in a rikki, or shared cab, keep in mind that the person sitting closest to the driver is responsible for collecting everyone's money, which may be difficult because of language barriers. So if you don't want to do that, don't sit in the front!
6 Keep in mind that South Africa's summer is America's winter, so if you're planning a trip during YOUR summer, you may arrive in Cape Town with wildly inappropriate clothes.
7 You must get a permit if you plan to dive in a Marine Protected area.
8 Let SABP tours give you what might be your only opportunity to see a great white shark. It's an amazing experience.
9 Seal Snorkeling is a safe and fun activity in Hout harbor that allows you to literally be entertained by the seals.
10 For a great wine tasting experience or to dine at the best restaurants in South Africa, visit the Winelands.

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