Johannesburg, South Africa travel tips

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1 A trip to The Apartheid Museum takes you on a journey through the apartheid age and may even jerk some tears.
2 Top of Africa is the tallest building in Africa and offers you a great view of the city.
3 The city does not have great signage so be sure to get a map if you decide to rent a car.
4 The ATMS do not charge a fee for withdrawals so it's best to use them instead of the banks or currency exchange facilities.
5 Metrorail is the easiest and cheapest mode of transportation.
6 If you're from America, you need to check if your phone is a GSM phone; if it isn't it won't work here at all. (AT&T and T-Mobile are GSM; Sprint and Verizon are not.)
7 It will be cold in the evenings and nights, once the sun goes down, so pack accordingly
8 If any health complication arises, go to a private hospital rather than a public as the service is way better.
9 If you have to go out at night, do not walk. Call a legitimate taxi company.
10 Leave your valuables at the hotel especially if you'll be walking the streets of the city.

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