Daegu, South Korea travel tips

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1 The Daegu International Opera Festival (or DIOF) is an unlikely festival in the heart of South-Korea. Renowned performers and art lovers travel to Daegu every year to enjoy perform and enjoy several operas.
2 Public transportation is great in Daegu, Korea. The local bus company runs several lines with high frequency, and the taxi service is always reliable. Daegu can be reached by coach and train.
3 Korean may sound difficult at first, but it is not that bad. The language itself can be hard to master, but the writing can be learnt in a few hours.
4 Tourism in Daegu is fairly significant, especially local tourism. Korean like luxury, so there are many choices for the well-off. Hotels can be found just by asking around, or just look for Hotel Interburgo Exco.
5 If you are looking for real family oriented hotel, try looking up Hotel Taegu. They have great service and fair prices.
6 If you are looking for a cheap place to stay try The Style Guest House. It has great prices and the service is excellent, and you will never find a better deal!
7 Tired after a long day of sightseeing? Visit the Greenvill Spa and loosen your muscles.
8 Bullo-dong Tumuli Park is an enormous open space park covering more than 330,000 sq meters.
9 Visit the Daegu National Museum and immerse yourself in the rich cultural history of the Korean Peninsula. The museum was renovated in 2010.
10 If you are looking for a place to dance, Daegu has a few great options for you. “G2” is always a good place to start, ask around for directions.

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