Gwangju, South Korea travel tips

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1 Compared to the likes of Japan, Korea is still relatively cheap, and “Namdo Hostel” is a great place to stay for a night or two.
2 Clubbing is a big thing among Koreans, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Gwangju is a pulsing metropolis, and “Speakeasy” is always a great place to party your night away.
3 Gwangju has numerous restaurants and “Minsokchon” is one of the best in town.
4 In the winter Gwangju can have up to 20 cms of snow. Bring your warmest coat!
5 "Hwangyong-hamnida" stands for "Welcome!"
6 Feeling hungry? Ask around for a restaurant called "Minsokchon" as they have an amazing selection.
7 Eating out in Korea is relatively cheap, compared to other European countries. Still, if you are on a budget, look up a place called "Yeongmi".
8 Traveling to Gwangju is easy, just log onto for bus tickets, or for train information. Both sites have English versions.
9 Korean may sound very foreign, but mastering the language is not that difficult. The writing, in fact, can be learnt in a matter of hours!
10 If you like art make sure you visit Gwangju at the time of the Gwangju Biennale art festival. This three month event features more than 600 artists from 70 countries.

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