Jeju-si, South Korea travel tips

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1 Traveling to Jeju-si is easy, just log onto for bus tickets, or for train information. Both sites have English versions.
2 Korean may sound very foreign, but mastering the language is not that difficult. The writing, in fact, can be learnt in a matter of hours!
3 The Jeju Canola Flower Festival takes place every spring, and attracts a large number of visitors. Check it out, and enjoy the dazzling colors of the flowery landscape!
4 Jeju Kal Hotel may not be the cheapest hotel in Jeju-si, but if you want some oriental magic, do not hesitate to book a room here.
5 Need a family hotel for the night? Try calling “Oriental” as they are quite friendly and usually have a room to spare. They should always have somebody at hand who speaks English.
6 Compared to the likes of Japan, Korea is still relatively cheap, and “H Kjeju” is a great place to stay for a night or two.
7 Korea is famous for its bath culture, or jimjilbangs. These bath houses offer great service. Hamian is a particularly famous one in Jeju-si.
8 If you want to hit the beach just ask around for Iho Tewoo Beach. It has interesting yellow-grey sand, but the waves are great!
9 Jeju city's Jeju Stone Park is an unusual sight. It is park that showcases countless type and shaped stones. That's right.
10 Clubbing is a big thing among Koreans, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Jeju-si is medium sized city, but “Dome” is always a great place to party your night away.

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