Seogwipo-si, South Korea travel tips

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1 Taxis in Seogwipo are relatively cheap, and while some drivers may drive a bit crazy, they are friendly and reliable. They don't always speak English, so writing your destination on a piece of paper in Korean helps!
2 The Korean language - unlike Chinese or Japanese - uses a simple alphabet which can be learnt in a matter of hours. Travel prepared and learn a few useful phrases!
3 If you do not like diving just hop onto one of the city's popular submarine tours! It runs every 40 minutes and the view of the marine life is staggering.
4 Seogwipo Kal Hotel is a four star hotel with all the benefits of such an establishment. Call or book online as they get full quite often.
5 If you are looking for a mid-range hotel just look up Hotel Sun Beach, they offer great service for a bargain!
6 Looking for a place to sleep? You can find cheap rooms at Backpacker's Home. Call or book online.
7 If you feel like taking a day off from the usual touristy things just look up “Sanbang”, it is a great public bath (or jimjilbang).
8 The port of Seogwipo is a wonderful place with amazing views. Take a walk on the foorbridge and enjoy the sunshine!
9 The fish market is a great place to check out how the huge fishing industry works. If you feel like grabbing a bite just wander around the port until you find a place to eat!
10 If you feel like clubbing do not worry, Koreans do know how to party. Start off in the nearest bar and then head to G Bar.

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