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1 Leave room in your suitcase, because Seoul is a shopper's paradise. Try the massive department store Shinsegae, and don't forget the Lotte Duty-Free malls in town and at the airport.
2 Don't be put off by tensions with North Korea. Most days in Seoul pass by normally, and if you're concerned, be sure to check State Department warnings beforehand.
3 Tech gurus should be sure to visit D'Light, a massive showroom inside the headquarters of Samsung Electronics. It's packed with every kind of electronic gadget you can imagine--old and new alike--and gives visitors the opportunity to pull up your laptop's content on gigantic screens.
4 When eating in Seoul, remember that all of the dishes will arrive at once; there are no courses.
5 If someone passes you a dish, accept it with both hands.
6 At the end of a meal, place your utensils beside your place. Don't let them jut out of a bowl; it's considered rude in Korea.
7 A traditional Korean meal consists of shared bowls of stews or soups, plus rice and a mix of side dishes.
8 Another great place to find beautiful, handmade souvenirs is Samhae Soju Craft Workshop.
9 For beautiful architecture, be sure to see Jogyesa Temple.
10 If you can deal with the smell, visit the Noryangjin Fish Market, for an excellent view of a traditional Korean culture.

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